Review of coconut fertilizers

Review of coconut fertilizers

In some parts of the world, specifically in Southeast Asia, coconut substrate is considered as a substitute for the earth. Hence, it is as efficient and valuable for growing plants as the soil. Presently, this solution is becoming more and more popular even though it was first used as a planting method in Europe, during the 20th century. Soon after, it became popular in Poland as well. These days, every grower can benefit from the benefits of coconut substrate as well as numerous options of fertilizers available to improve the condition of crops. Let's check what they are worth!

Coconut substrate – why is it worth it?

Gold Label Soil A&B 2x1L

Well, before having a thorough look at the worth of coconut substrate, let us analyze why it is worth it to invest in this solution. To begin with, coconut substrate provides unlimited naturalness, absorption and beneficial Trichoderma fungi that protect plants against pests. Moreover, its water retention and absorption power is perfect, which is why it ensures air permeability in the soil. Interestingly, it is 100% biodegradable, has neutral pH level and does not contain dangerous pathogens. You can easily use coconut substrate for atleast two to three seasons, and even after that, it can be used as a fertilizer for the garden.


Fertilizer review – what are we recommending?

As mentioned already, even the best kind of coconut substrate requires additional support in the form of fertilizers.

The most recommended form of fertilizers are Gold Label products like Cocos A & B, which contain essential mineral nutrients for both flowering and growth phase of the plants in coconut substrate. These fertilizers are easily soluble in water, due to which they can be used in a variety of hydroponic and irrigation systems.

Some of the most popular options of fertilizers amongst entire Gold Label set are 120ml Coco B, 120ml Coco A, 60ml Gold Label Ultra PK, 60ml Gold Label Ultra MG and 60ml Gold Label Roots. Each of these options performs a slightly different action, but in totality they provide the best growth environment for the plants.

  • Gold Label A & B is a mineral nutrient supporting crops in the growth and flowering phase;

  • Gold Label Ultra MG possesses the essential dosage of magnesium and nitrogen, which is essential for the plants during each of their growth stages. However, Ultra MG contains easily absorbable and high-quality magnesium substances;

  • Gold Label Ultra PK is a fertilizer designed for ending stages of the flowering phase, and is based on chelated trace elements and advanced polyphosphates;

  • Gold Label Roots, as the name signifies, is a highly concentrated root growth stimulator that has been made from seaweed and biological extracts. Its composition also includes high-quality amino acids and humic acids.

Gold Label – it's worth trusting this brand!

Bloki kokosowe Gorilla Grow 11L

It is rightly recommended that fertilizers produced by Gold Label, not only the Coco series, but the others as well are certified with the RHP mark. This certification is an affirmation in itself that these products contain all the necessary nutrients for growth requirements of growing plants. To ensure quality, all standards are observed and every stage of production is controlled during the preparation of fertilizer and substrate. This quality check is performed right from the beginning of the process (obtaining raw material) to the very end (packaging of products). These checks assure that all the products are effective, proven and safe for use.

To wrap it all, it can be said that all the products including Gold Label fertilizers are free of chemical contaminants, have appropriate pH, EG, meet a number of guidelines and proportions of nutrients. What’s more, it cannot be neglected that these products have adequate air content and water capacity. Therefore, needless to say, it is always worth using such a valuable fertilizer!