• Hemp Face Mask
  • Gold Label number ONE
  • Spectromaster
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Dimensions: 150x150x200cm
  • Volume: 4.50m3
  • Material: 210D Silver
  • Reflection: 80%
  • Lighting:
  • 2x Cooltube Ø125mm x 49cm
  • 2x Spectromaster 600w ballast
  • 2x Spectromaster HPS 600w lamp
  • Ventilation:
  • TT fi150mm 520m³/h
  • Eco filter fi150mm 650m³/h
  • + accessories
VK125 Inline fan 365m³/hVK125 Inline fan 365m³/h
63,86 EUR70,95 EUR
  • Model: VK125
  • Diameter: Ø125mm
  • Airflow: 365m³/h
  • Includes cable with euro plug
  • Distributor: AS System
Holder for TT100 FanHolder for TT100 Fan
8,54 EUR9,49 EUR
  • For TT100 ventilators,
  • Made with steel wire,
  • Painted with polymer paint.
Holder for TT150 FanHolder for TT150 Fan
10,34 EUR11,49 EUR
  • For TT150 ventilators,
  • Made with steel wire,
  • Painted with polymer paint.
VKO125 Fan 125mm. 185m3/hVKO125 Fan 125mm. 185m3/h
14,36 EUR15,95 EUR
  • Model: VKO125
  • Diameter: Ø125mm
  • Airflow: 185m³/h
AutoPot valve for 16mm tubeAutoPot valve for 16mm tube
3,33 EUR3,50 EUR
  • water tap for 16mm hose
  • Dimensions: 90x90x180cm
  • Volume: 1,46m3
  • Material: 210D Mylar
  • Lighting:
  • Cooltube Ø125mm x 49cm
  • Gavita DigiStar 600W
  • HPS Gavita 600W lamp
  • Ventilation:
  • PK fi125mm 400m³/h
  • Phresh filter 500m³ / h
  • + necessary accessories
  • Aroma: polar crystal
  • Type: spray
  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Diameter Ø 50 mm
  • Height 50 mm
60-165 mm Clamp60-165 mm Clamp
1,34 EUR1,49 EUR
  • metal hose clamp
  • for to fix ventilation hoses
  • size: 60-165 mm
  • Very well drain excess water
  • Capacity: 11 liters
  • Dimensions: 25x25x27cm
  • Black or white
  • Connection cable, three-core with plug
  • Material: copper braid + insulation
  • Thickness: 3x1,5mm, length: 2m
  • Ideal for the first 2 weeks of growth phase (germination, rooting)
  • The capacity of 0.25 liters
  • Dimensions: 7x7xh8 cm
  • Very well drain excess water
  • Capacity: 18 liters
  • Dimensions: 31x31x31cm
  • Very well drain excess water
  • Capacity: 6 liters
  • Dimensions: 20x20x25cm
  • Phase: growth, flowering
  • For growing in: soil, cocos, hydroponics
  • Dosage: 0.2 ml / L
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How does the Autopot system work and what is it?
How does the Autopot system work and what is it?Hydroponics aka cultivation in water, is used both on an industrial scale and in home plant breeding, mainly in tents and greenhouses. As water is used as the ‘soil’ in this system, the most essential element that needs to be taken care of is the irrigation system. Let us have a closer look at how the irrigation system in hydroponics gardening works. We will understand this by analyzing the Autopot system.
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Review of coconut fertilizers
Review of coconut fertilizersIn some parts of the world, specifically in Southeast Asia, coconut substrate is considered as a substitute for the earth. Hence, it is as efficient and valuable for growing plants as the soil. Presently, this solution is becoming more and more popular even though it was first used as a planting method in Europe, during the 20th century. Soon after, it became popular in Poland as well. These days, every grower can benefit from the benefits of coconut substrate as well as numerous options of fertilizers available to improve the condition of crops. Let's check what they are worth!
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Standard growbox equipment - learn the basics!
Standard growbox equipment - learn the basics!

During the gray and sad winter season, everyone loves the idea of being able to enjoy a pleasant, green and lush garden. But, living that dream is not possible in areas having extremely cold winters. Fortunately, for the home owners, who want to have access to various crops throughout the year, it is worth investing in a growbox, which is basically a small home greenhouse where you can grow not only the common vegetation but even the most demanding plants. For getting adequate results from a growbox, it is mandatory to complete the standard equipment so that the plants have perfect growth and flowering conditions.

It is a well acknowledged fact that every plant needs a proper dose of ventilation, light and filtration for a happy life. And, it is our prime responsibility to make sure that the crops actually have everything that they need and that too in the right amount. Therefore, apart from the mentioned elements, it is important to purchase control devices to ensure a good climate in the home greenhouse.

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Growbox, or how to grow plants without daylight
Growbox, or how to grow plants without daylight

Do you feel jealous of the inhabitants of the warmer regions, who can enjoy the full sun for most of the year?

Do you want to enjoy the warmth of the sun, straight on your face?

These two are basically the strongest desires of the people residing in cold regions. It is during the cold seasons, when our life-giving star shows only "for a moment" and immediately hides. On top of that, the cloudiness for prolonged number of days drives everyone into a depressive state. For a moment, think about the plants, for which, daily dose of light is mandatory for survival and growth. Fortunately, they have an option named Growboxes.

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Watering plants under covers - rules of conduct
Watering plants under covers - rules of conductPlants require a few elements for overall happiness, and one of these factors is regular watering. Generally, outdoor crops have unlimited access to water, but that too can get disturbed sometimes, due to drought. The frequency of watering the plants depends entirely on us, and the types of specimens that are being grown. Different rules of conduct that are worth knowing are as under:
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The detail makes a difference, or what kind of pots to choose for growing indoor?
The detail makes a difference, or what kind of pots to choose for growing indoor?A perfect growbox is the one which is equipped with proper ventilation, lighting and irrigation systems so as to provide ideal growth conditions for the plants. Many indoor crop growers make sure that they choose the best solutions, even for the most demanding crops. However, it is disheartening to see degrading plant health, despite of investing a lot of money in the right kind of equipment and systems. Have you ever thought about what else can be interfering with your green specimens? The flowerpots! Choosing right flower pots is essential to provide best room for the plants to grow without any interruptions. So what are the choices that we have?
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The droplet drills the rock, or drip irrigation - what is it and when to use it?
The droplet drills the rock, or drip irrigation - what is it and when to use it?In the modern era, there are huge advancements in the field of indoor plantation. And, hydroponic systems have measurably contributed to this. With the help of such form of gardening, everyone – even the homeowners with zero outdoor space, can enjoy the benefits of such a breeding. However, to be able to grow lush vegetation of our own, we must remember about religiously executing a number of activities to keep the plants healthy. And, amongst all those activities, irrigation is the one that deserves particular attention. In the market, there are numerous kinds of automatic water supply systems, but today, we will be focusing mainly on the most popular and most easily available – drip irrigation.
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Guide for adepts, or what do you need to grow lush vegetation?
Guide for adepts, or what do you need to grow lush vegetation?Most of the people try their best to stay in the best of their health and shape. For that, they take assistance of proper nutrition in order to give the best care that their body needs. Organic veggies and herbs from your own garden are considered more valuable than the market bought ones because the former gives sigh of relief that no pesticides and other harmful substances are used while growing plants. Growboxes are mainly used to grow our desired vegetation and that too all year round, but how do we start to get truly lush vegetation?
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How to grow plants in hydroponics?
How to grow plants in hydroponics?Let's go back to our childhood… especially when we planted cress for the first time. Wasn’t it the moment of greater admiration to see how it grows? Initially, it used to be small, inconspicuous, and gradually it grew even bigger.
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How to choose ventilation for the growbox?
How to choose ventilation for the growbox?
Have you ever tried to feel life in your day to day activities? For instance when we breathe deeply, or the sun graces us warmly or maybe when the wind gently smacks on the face? We gain energy to act by consuming numerous kinds of meals, which are rich in microelements. And, after finishing our daily chores, it is time to take rest and sleep. This is how the normal human being’s daily routine looks like, isn’t it?
Just like human beings, plants need four elements for survival: water, light, right temperature, and nutrients.

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